With a plethora of comic books ruling the world, finding the best one is almost an impossible task. Starting from comedy to superhero themes and horror, the genre of the comic book has a lot to offer the readers. With the unparalleled creative freedom that comic offers, there is no wonder in them being one of the most thrilling and mind-blowing modes of entertainment that can hold all of us in our seat for hours.

Are you a diehard comic book fan? Does the pictorial representation in graphic novels make you feel excited? Then you may read this guide to find the best and most interesting comic books and graphic novels of all time.

The Wicked+ the Devine

Created by Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, The Wicked+ the Devine is the best fantasy comic book series that was ever made. Being the winner of the best comic book award of 2014, the book has done complete justice to the genre of fantasy. The book is narrated from the perspective of a young girl named Laura and her encounter and interaction with 12 deities (known as Pantheon roam).  The 12 deities reincarnate in the form of 12 human beings and are allowed to live with the superpowers and fame for two years. After these two years, they will die and will be reborn again. This is one such comic book that delves into sensitive themes of ethnicity, sexuality, life, and death.


Paper Girls

Like the world that we are living in, the world of comic books is very male-dominated (in the case of readership as well as characters). But this comic book is changing that male domination by introducing a world where a group of girls is in charge. The comic is set in a fictional suburb of Cleveland and the story begins with a new delivery girl meeting a bunch of time travelers. This comic will take you through the different eras and also let you experience some squad battles. You can pick this comic if you believe that you can change the future by changing past events.


One of the best graphic novels of all time, Maus is a heart-touching story of the holocaust. Here the author is interviewing his father about the horrors of the Holocaust and his experience as a survivor of this horrible incident. This is not just a story that you can just read and forget, but it is commentary that critiques racial division. Here, the author has used animals to represent and criticize various things.

Batman: Year one

As the title suggests, the comic is about Bruce Wayne fighting against crime as Batman for the first time. He is confronting Gotham’s notorious criminals, and corrupt authorities, and facing the crime family of Falcone. In this comic, we can also see the rise of Catwoman and Commissioner Gordan, paving the way for some of the best actions that you could ever see.

So, read these amazing comics to get a taste of the creative world of Comics and graphics novels.