Although generations have grown up watching Disney classics and Saturday morning cartoons, the field of animation is growing in order to appeal to adult audiences, which has opened the door for open psychedelic vision and conversation. Cartoons have featured mind-expanding and aesthetically fascinating experiences for many years, and psychedelic animation is still influenced by this. Here are a few of the top animated cartoons that accurately portray the effects of psychedelic use.

The Amazing World of Gumball

A true trip of a cartoon is The Amazing World of Gumball. The Cartoon Network’s 2010s Animated series combines a variety of animation techniques, including traditional animation, stop-motion animation, CGI, Claymation, and sock puppetry, and packages it into a special program that is equally wacky, provocative, meta, and always hilariously on-the-nose and funny.

You find up wishing to explore more of each character since they are all so distinctive in terms of expression, animation and personality, and you get what you desire for. The humor in the show has many shades, making it appealing to both younger and older viewers.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants by Stephen Hillenburg, follows all the traditional beats of a show that imitates a psychedelic episode, with the action taking place underwater in the made-up town of Bikini Bottom. Squidward’s desperate attempts to escape spending out with Patrick and SpongeBob result in sending him on a trip through time and space, which teaches him the importance of being present. This is one of the best unforgettable trippy scenes from the first season. According to the concept, SpongeBob can alternate between extremes of delight and dread and despair.

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat was especially appealing because it featured high-quality animated transitions and fantastical worlds that were uncommon in television animation and evocative of the earliest black-and-white cartoons.

The extraordinarily bizarre and fanciful adventures of Felix the Cat take place in a setting where all things are alive and only fantasy logic applies. You’ll need to take a break after viewing every few episodes to recover your sanity because of the full craziness, bouncy animation, fast tempo, and insane animated transitions. But it’s worth it since this show is really stylish, extremely witty, and well-animated.

Morty and Ricky

Morty and Ricky

As society becomes more conscious of and appreciative of the expanded nature of psychedelic experiences, psychedelic cartoons are becoming more and more commonplace today. Rick and Morty discusses psychedelics in an open way and uses animated graphics to put the viewer in an innovative and experimental frame of mind. Morty battles hierarchical institutions, meets aliens while traveling through the universe’s dimensions, and strengthens his family ties.

The integration of the music, messaging, and pictures creates an engrossing psychedelic realm that fosters a fresh mindset. For both animators and artists, psychedelic experiences and visuals serve as inspiration. Psychedelic cartoons can assist viewers in delving deeper into the story, setting, and mental state required to appreciate a work of art.