Reading comics is the best way to explore new stories or reconnect with an old story in an immersive manner. Most comics are pretty popular for their skilled artwork and visual effects that engage the reader. There are a variety of options when it comes to reading comic books. The field is enormous, with options to read paperback comics or web-publishing comics. When you start reading comics, choose what genres you might like. There are plenty of genres to choose from; however, the most popular ones are fantasy related. Here are some of the best comics for beginners:

Superman: American Alien

The comic ‘Superman: American Alien’ tells the story of Superman’s upbringing. The comic takes us through the journey of a young boy Clark Kent, who comes from a different planet. Clark Kent eventually discovers his powers but is quite uncomfortable with them. The comic is quite suitable for teenagers who can relate to the main character as he discovers and questions his abnormality and identity. Although the main character Clark Kent is worried about fitting in, he eventually learns to embrace his differences to become the hero he is. This seven-issue comic book provides a clear picture of Clark’s life and helps the readers understand their favourite hero Superman in a different light.



Saga is an epic fantasy comic book which tells the story of a couple who have recently become parents. Saga is a must-read comic if you are a fan of the sci-fi genre. The comic, written by Brian K. Vaughan, takes us through the journey of Marko and Alana, who struggle to care for their daughter while fighting off authorities and threats from every corner. Critics best describe the comic as ‘Star Wars meets Game of Thrones’. It is one of the most popular and widely appreciated comic series, which also won many awards in the United States. Saga is best suited for teenagers older than 17. The comic is also known for its diverse characters in terms of ethnicity, gender roles, and sexuality.

The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is one of the most celebrated comics of all time; it is a post-apocalyptic-themed comic written by Robert Kirkman. The story is about Rick Grimes, a deputy, who wakes up to a zombie apocalypse after he gets shot in the line of duty. The main character slowly takes the role of a community leader while they struggle to survive the apocalypse. The graphics and depictions of the comic make it an interesting and exciting read for beginners. The Walking Dead was also made into a T.V show, though it is only loosely based on the comic book.


One of the most loved and popular comics of all time, ‘Archie’ features the comic character Archie Andrews who first appeared in Pep Comics. The storyline is about the relationship between Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper unfurling in the sleepy town of Riverdale. It is an exciting read for teenagers interested in romance and friendship-based comics.